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The Bracelet Tournament 2011

Club Poker League will host a year end "Double Tournament" on February 12th at 1:00 PM at the Royal Palace based on 4 Criteria in order of Entry Status:

  1. Top 5 Place Holders From Each of the Season Finals.
  2. Top Male Certificate Holder From Each Venue For the Year.
  3. Top Female Certificate Holder From Each Venue For the Year.
  4. Top 10 Overall Male and Female Point Holders For the Year.

For areas 2 and 3, wins take priority second to rank as entries open if players win more than one venue or area.

Players that qualify in more than one area will allow the runner up for the second area to take 1st for that area. Entry Status is in order above. For example... If John Doe places in our finals and has the most certificates for the year for Venue "A". John Doe will enter under line 1 as a Top 5 Place Holder and whomever is the second place certificate Holder of Venue "A" will now qualify.

Player Points will be awarded as follows:

  • 1st Place (Double Certificate) at 10 pts.
  • 2nd Place (Game Win) at 5 pts.
  • Bounty at 1 pt.
  • High Hand at 3 pts.
  • Royal Flush at 10 pts.

The male players will play one tournament and the female players will play the another tournament held at the same time.

Date and Time: TBA

All qualified Bracelet Tournament players must sign up by 12:00 AM TBA by calling 941-979-5545.

2011 Prizes

One Women's and One Men's Sterling Silver Bracelet

Bracelet Tounament Club Poker League

Created by Westchester Gold Fabricators

Qualified Players to Date

To see the current list of qualified players Click 2011 Qualified Player List

The year end Bracelet Tournament winners are:

Rank Men Women
1st Randy Smith Judy Schatzle
2nd Dennis Coleman Trish Caetto
3rd Gary Schofield Teri Janis

CPL Staff

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