2011 Season 2 Standings

Out of a field of 90 Friday entries and 69 Saturday entries for a total of 159 players, the Club Poker League 2011 Season 2 Final Poker Tournament at Bentley's Resort Hotel ended as follows:

Rank Name Prize*
1st: Vivian Barsky 700.00*
2nd: James Emery 400.00*
3rd: John Reed 200.00*
4th: Noi Dennis 150.00*
5th: Ralph Piazza 110.00*
6th: John Boyd 65.00*
7th: Vince Coleman 65.00*
8th: Mo Grady 65.00*
9th: Bob Cook 45.00*
10th: Abe Baker 25.00*
*Player Sponsorship

Congratulations to our 2011 Season 2 winners and all our entrants. Without you, Club Poker League could not be a success. 2011 Season 2 Finals Slide Show is here!

CPL Staff and Dealers